Got the best catch?

Test Your Seafood Skills and Earn A Shot at Fame and Fortune

You could be the next World Food Champion! Enter the Food Champ Seafood Challenge presented by the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute. Your challenge is to create the best seafood dish on the planet! Our three judges will decide your fate. For more information visit: and

Your recipe could help you win:

  • $500 and a Free Trip to Las Vegas to Compete!

    One GRAND PRIZE winner from each contest will win $500, a free trip to Las Vegas and free entry to compete at the 2014 World Food Championships!

  • Qualification and Free Entry into the 2014 World Food Championships

    Four winners from each contest will win qualification and free entry to compete at the 2014 World Food Championships in Las Vegas.

meet the judges

  • Ray Lampe

    As an outdoor cooking expert and gourmand, Dr. BBQ's culinary highlights include The Food Network's "Chopped: Grill Masters" and "Best Thing I Ever Ate," as well as author of the NFL's official Gameday Cookbook.

  • Beth Peterson

    2013 World Recipe Champion Beth Peterson is a Midwestern mom of three and a lifestyle/home entertaining expert. Beth won the Recipe category at the 2013 World Food Championships and finished 6th overall.

  • Kari Karch

    As Executive Chef for the Kenmore brand, Kari Karch is its culinary face and voice. Kari writes recipes, including the Kenmore 100 Year Anniversary Cookbook, and stars in Kenmore's culinary how-to videos.